Hi. (ASalam and Walikum Asalam) thanks for contacting Ahmed International Matchmaker (This is personal online matchmaking and you will receive marriage proposals directly in your email box and you will be given full contact details of the bride / groom.

*Greedy Boys looking for nationality need not to waste their money and time on any matchmaking service.  

*Drop your 2 recent pictures on Email info@marriageservice.org or ahmedmatchmaker@gmail.com include your requirements which means maximum age acceptable and  any other main point to refer you proposals.

*If we agreed on your requirements you can pay advance fees.

Fees Structure:

2nd. 300 US$ (1100 Durham) or equivalent in your local currency for a. (Never married or Divorce bride 28 years or above) b. (Groom either Never married or Divorce earning above 1500 US$ or equivalent) c. (Man looking for second will also be charged 300US$.

3rd. 1000 US$ for bride or groom those belongs to Elite Class.

4th. Our Services are free for a. (disable people) b. (Widow or Divorce woman / girls willing to become second wife in the presence of first wife)

5th. We do not entertain clients from Saudi Arab. (Reason: Past experience has shown that from labor to engineer or doctors, all have same mentality which cannot be described here, which is not acceptable to our clients from Dubai, USA and Europe)
* To Know more about Ahmed Matchmaker Watch his videos https://youtu.be/GK2LuoDVBdw

The offer of 1 free proposal is expired in 2017!

If you have not yet filled  online form fill it on www.tfaforms.com/404918

Simply follow the procedure written above, most importantly must keep in mind that we charge fees to refer you proposals.

Note: must  watch video its in your own benefit and fill form at this link www.tfaforms.com/404918 plus drop 2 picutures at ahmedmatchmaker@gmail.com

Its a take it or leave it offer - Take very good care of yourself! Bye